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Cristal Galvan

CO-CEO and Managing Partner

Public Affairs Consulting


Cristal Galvan serves as the CEO and Managing Partner of GSG and is responsible for the firm’s overall management, engagement oversight, business relationship development, strategic consulting, government relations and public affairs.  Mrs. Galvan possesses dual competency in both political and business consulting and has over 25 years of comprehensive experience in government and municipal initiatives. 


She has a solid foundation for the intricacies of economic development, and the public and political demands inherent in managing the initiatives of programs and growing cities.  She is also experienced in connecting state and federal funding to programming/projects, building community, business partnerships and coalitions and advancing policy for organizations. Prior to Co-Founding GSG, Mrs. Galvan was the Founder and CEO of Hernandez Grants & Consulting, LLC, a comprehensive consultancy firm specializing in working with governments and municipalities. 


• Education: B.S., Business Administration, Texas Wesleyan University

• Co-Founded Galvan Strategy Group: 2024


Paramount to Mrs. Galvan is community service and making an impact by supporting organizations throughout the city.  For her it’s about passion and purpose and she uses the experiences to be an example, and mentor the next generation of community leaders. Her unparalleled commitment shows through her countless service to some of Fort Worth’s best organizations.

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